U.R.U. - The Uru Restoration Undertaking

Welcome to U.R.U.

Shorah, and welcome to U.R.U., a project dedicated to exploring The Art of Uru. The hard work that the men and women at Cyan have put into their latest project is astounding, and this site seeks to study and document the amazing complexity that is Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.

As the DRC has officially abandoned the city and their restoration efforts, it is now left to the willing hands of the explorers to finish exploring and restoring the city. It is the goal of the U.R.U. website to assist in this mission.

If you are unfamiliar with Uru and the DRC, please visit the DRC's website for more information.

What's New?

2024-02-20 - Another overhaul, now using a static site generator. All of the old, ancient, outdated information is still here, for the moment...

2010-04-28 - Major clearing of old info. Old links will still work, but there was just way too much outdated cruft sitting around here.

2004-04-14 - Current Progress page has been updated

Wow. We have made so much progress since I put this site up.

Most of the information is very simplistic and only covers our earliest hacks. I haven't updated anything post-expansion pack. Unfortutately I don't have the time to spend on reorganising the site right now. I'll leave it all up as an archive, and hopefully I can organise all of the new information eventually.